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Pattaya completes its football stadium with the mayor’s 400 million baht goal.

After its mayor, Poramase Ngampiches, announced an additional 400 million baht investment to finish the region’s long-stalled big football stadium building, Pattaya is aglow with joy. Residents are excited for this project to be completed since it could alter the appearance of their community.

Poramase made an announcement yesterday, April 26, that he will be collaborating closely with the National Anti-Corruption Commission as part of his commitment to transparency and preventing any corruption. They will jointly oversee each step of the third phase of stadium construction, from choosing a contractor to conducting audits.

Residents of the city will undoubtedly gain confidence in the process as a result of this action.As confirmed by Pattaya Deputy Mayor Manoch Nongyai, the stadium is expected to be finished in 2025, giving the community hope after a lengthy nine-year wait. Poramase expressed entire faith in the project, highlighting the essential part it plays in converting Pattaya into a major destination for sports tourism.

People can actually sense Poramase’s genuine enthusiasm for the endeavor. He is well-known among the inhabitants for his approachable and enjoyable way of interacting with the neighborhood. Poramase engages with locals personally by using social media, such as Facebook, to offer information and his opinions on the stadium. This promotes honest communication about the project, fostering trust and excitement.

People think that Pattaya can reach new heights because to the stadium’s ideal setting. It might draw attention to this vibrant location on a national and even global scale. The stadium might also promote a vibrant sports culture and help the city’s economy by promoting sports tourism. Residents are eager to see the results of this big investment given the possible rewards.

The mayor will have his job cut out for him in making Pattaya into a well-known sports destination because it is a city that looks out for its citizens. The mayor can sense Pattaya’s inhabitants’ dedication and eagerness for seeing the stadium completed, just as they feel a personal connection with Poramase.

Such interdependence is what enables a city to develop and prosper. The strong sense of community in Pattaya will be essential to its success as it moves forward with building the stadium. Making Pattaya’s football stadium dream a reality is a team effort with the common goals of encouraging sports tourism and increasing the city’s international attractiveness.

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