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Pat Sharp Says He’s Working On An Adult Version Of Fun House

Pat Sharp

Pat Sharp Says He’s Working On An Adult Version Of Fun House

It’s been 20 years since Pat Sharp graced our screens with the iconic children’s series Fun House. That theme tune. I can hear it now.

But after two decades away, it looks like we could be in store for a ‘whole lotta fun’ as the show’s host has revealed an adult version is in the works.

Yep, after years of petitioning and campaigning, Pat has said he is looking at a way of rebooting the classic game show, similar to the revival of The Crystal Maze.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz, the 58-year-old said: “We’re still looking at trying to do a live, interactive, immersive attraction. So we’ll hopefully get the rights and get it out there.

“We’ve got a company that’s ready to go. What we’re trying to get is the rights to enable us to do it and get it out there for adults to play in the Fun House – exactly as it was, with go-karts.

“At the end of the Fun Run or whatever we do, you’ll be able to have a drink and a dance. It could be good for stags and hens, stuff like that.”

He added: “I get a lot of people who message me with a picture of their kids watching it, episodes from like 1989.

“They watch it over and over again, and they love it. It probably could work again in a format of some kind, absolutely.”

Fun House ran from 1989 to 1999, with Pat hosting alongside twin sisters Melanie and Martina Grant. It saw teams pitted against each other as they tackled obstacle courses and go-kart races in a bid to win a variety of prizes – inevitable getting covered in copious amounts of gunge.

In 2015, the trio brought the show back for a special one-off event at pub restaurant Fayre & Square, recreating the set in the eatery’s soft play area.

Speaking at the time, Pat said: “The return of Fun House as a one-off live event was as wacky, fun and outrageous as you could wish for! It was a brilliant twist to allow adults to take part this time around and we had such an exciting day re-running the fun, with prizes, gunge, and all the excitement you would expect from Fun House!”

But apart from that, we’ve not had a sniff.

Fans of the original show, however, have never forgotten the unbridled joy it brought them, with many starting petitions and fundraisers to see its return. In 2017, more than £16,000 ($21,000) was raised on a Crowd Surfer page, which was backed by Sharp at the time.

Come on, Pat. Give the people what they want.



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