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Paddy Counting the Cost to the Tune of 1 Million Dollars

Now then guys and girls, it’s news away from Pattaya, but please excuse me as it’s the US Presidential election. A few weeks ago, it looked un-thinkable that Donald Trump would get anywhere near the White House, but how things have changed.
The Live report shows he is way ahead at the time of writing this, and there looks to be no way back for poor old Hillary.
But don’t feel sorry for her, spare a though for poor old Paddy at Paddy Power. The online betting firm has paid out over 1 Million USD on a Hillary win already.

They made the announcement over a month ago that Hillary was so far ahead, that all single bets placed before October 18th, would be paid out in full.
The largest single bet paid out on Hillary so far was 50,000 GBP, according to a Paddy Power source. I bet that guy is sitting fairly comfortably right now.
There is still time though, so they could be spared their blushes if something drastic happens.
I’ve posted a Live photo update at the time of writing this. Is there any way back for Hillary?


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