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Thailand’s biggest EGO gives overstayers ONE MONTH

Thailand’s biggest EGO gives overstayers ONE MONTH

Overstayers ONE MONTH: Thailand’s biggest ego has declared an end to corrupt practices at immigration offices and the deputy chief of police has said that the target for overstayers still in the kingdom by the end of November is “zero”.

Deputy chief Gen Srivara Ransibrahmanakul and newly appointed immigration chief Maj-Gen Surachate “Big Joke” Hakparn were speaking to reporters after a meeting at immigration HQ on Tuesday.

Srivara pledged that delays at airports and border crossings were a thing of the past. Officers must provide a fast and efficient service to those coming and leaving Thailand.


But he cautioned immigration officers to be on their guard to let no one in who might cause trouble. He cited the example of the Erawan bombing in Bangkok as an error in the past saying that the location of visitors must be double-checked.

He said that previously there were 100,000 people on overstay. Of these just 500 are left, reported Komchadluek.

These will all be flushed out by the end of November, he guaranteed.

Meanwhile a smiling and publicity hungry Big Joke, beside the deputy chief but clearly the darling of the media and public at this point, spoke of an end to corruption regarding visa on arrival and during visa extensions.

Super Ego has spent more time calling press conferences than behind his desk since taking up his new role.

This will come as welcome news to expats in the kingdom.

Since his appointment last month visa officers had been obliged to “eat vegetarian” he said.

This was a clear reference to corrupt practices of demanding tea money and gorging on tourists and expats being a thing of the past.

Srivara said that the implementation of new technology may cause some delays but would be sorted soon

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