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Overpricing Lotto Vendor Nicked

At 3pm, on the afternoon of October 30, a Banglamung police team went to investigate a group of Lottery Ticket vendors in front of Petchthong 99, South Pattaya Road.

Reports had been received that several vendors were selling tickets in excess of the legal price and so they sent undercover officers in to find out what was going on. Out of a group of vendors most were selling tickets at a fair price, but one of them, fifty-eight year old Mr Boonchu Teerawat, was found to be charging in excess of 100 baht.

During questioning he claimed only to be an employee of the owner of a nearby gold-shop and he was ‘only doing as he was told.’

He has been charged with ‘selling overpriced lottery tickets’ and sent to Pattaya police station. He now faces a 10,000 baht fine and/or one month in prison.

Twenty-nine year old Mr Sufarayo Yako was also arrested and 2,700 illegal lottery tickets were confiscated. he has admitted to selling unofficial lottery tickets.

Report by Pattaya One News Team

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