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Over 1,400 arrested, fined for illegal motorbike races in Udon Thani

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Over 1,400 arrested, fined for illegal motorbike races in Udon Thani

In a move reminiscent of last week’s public shaming in Chon Buri, police in the northern province of Udon Thani have hired a local steamroller to destroy hundreds of illegally modified motorcycle mufflers.

More than 1,400 alleged street racers were arrested and almost 370 motorcycles seized in a week-long crackdown on illegal racing in the province. Udon Thani’s police chief announced the results of the crackdown yesterday:

“23 police stations in Udon Thani joined forces to arrest street racers and related offenders from June 22-30, in order to ensure peace and safety in the neighbourhood. We have issued warnings to parents of nine underage offenders, fined 284 motorcycle shops for providing modification services to racers, seized 368 motorcycles used in the racing as well as 535 exhaust pipes that were illegally modified to create loud noises. A total of 1,439 suspects were arrested and fined for breaking the Land Traffic Act.”

“As for underaged offenders, the police have summoned their parents to sign an acknowledgement and provided them a mandatory course on street safety to prevent future offences.”

Police then crushed the seized exhaust pipes with a steamroller in public to prevent the recycling of parts for further illegal modification. The media were invited along to capture the public humiliation.

“Parents should keep a close eye on their children, especially regarding where they go at night and what they do to with their motorcycles. Street racing is not only illegal, it’s also extremely dangerous and causes disturbances in the neighbourhood.”

Since the national curfew was lifted last month, illegal motorbike racing has returned to Thailand’s streets with increased popularity. From June 20-30, police arrested more than 5,600 racers, known locally as “dek waen” or “vanz boys,” and seized more than 17,700 motorcycles nationwide.

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