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Out-of-control pickup truck crashes into shop in Chiang Mai

This is the shocking moment a pickup truck lost control before slamminginto a shop in Thailand.

CCTV footage shows the vehicle crashing into the building before peoplerushed to help in Chiang Mai province on October 23.

Officers from the Changpuak district police arrived at the scene with paramedics who checked on the motorists.

Fortunately, the driver and his passenger were unscathed from the incident but the truck’s bumper was damaged from hitting the concrete wall.

The driver, Thanachet Moonfoo, 30, said he was travelling to town when an oncoming sedan swerved into his lane.

Thanachet said: “I was driving on my lane when the sedan came and nearly hit me. I avoided them but lost control of my vehicle.”

The sedan driver, identified as Noppadon Chantharao, 47, was also questioned by the police officers.

Other witnesses were also interviewed and the CCTV footage was submitted as evidence while the investigation is ongoing.

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