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Help is here Operation Timmy is now a go

We ran into Timmy and his family (mom and a brother ) when we spoke to them they had around 120B to last a week ,

Thanks to your support they now have more 🙂

But we could not let Timmy pass us by so now we are on a mission to help bring a smile back to him with a operation that for him is life changing 🙂

Just CLICK THE ” FOLLOW” BUTTON on our page and for every one we get we will donate $1 our link

If you would like to help more there is a donate button too

There are more we try to help in these times for these people its very bad ,we just want to help and give hope

A child’s needs are simple. Food, shelter, education and medical care are the rights of all people.

But children especially suffer when they’re denied these fundamental human rights.

Children need to be shown that they have value in the world.

By providing them with the resources they need, encouragement and a lot of love and guidance, children will learn they have value as human beings.

If we save just one life we have done a good job ,but our goal is to save many more

KOfi one team

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