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Open but not open……Quick Update

It’s never quite black and white in Thailand, more like a greyish colour, but it’s one of the things we love, right?

Nightlife in Pattaya over the last few days has been subdued, to say the least, but there are places that are still open. More will follow tonight, and in the next few days. The latest I have heard, is that bars, clubs etc are allowed to open, without looking like they are open, but don’t let that stop you.

To put it simply, bars can open as normal, but with no outside lights, and toned down music. Whether or not owners will stick to this, remains to be seen.

Personally, I don’t think that we will see Pattaya in full swing for at least another week, but it won’t be far off. Those who are here now, or planning to come here, don’t worry, all of the delights Pattaya has to offer, are most definitely, still open for business…..

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