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Officials looking for illegal workers in Pattaya find one.

Pol Col Tassanai Pratumthong Deputy Director, Internal Security Operating Command (ISOC) had received information about suspected illegal workers at various locations in Pattaya.

He instructed a patrol team to raid a chicken noodle shop at M.3 Banbung, Chonburi and caught one person, Ms Wassana Chaibuttra from Laos, working without a permit.

At the second location, in the same area, officers found two Burmese workers who were holding the correct permits.

Officials said that the number of illegal workers had increased recently and that the problem must be dealt with as they are taking away jobs for Thai people. He also insisted that the immigrants must be treated fairly and their human rights considered.

ISOC is asking for the full cooperation of all local business owners to make sure their employees are provided with the correct, legal paperwork

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