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Norwegian fell from a 4 story building undiscovered for hours.

Norwegian fell from a 4 story building undiscovered for hours.

This incident happened on the morning of December 14th, A local rescue team in Pattaya city, Chonburi province was notified of a Norwegian tourist who fell from a 4 story building. After receiving the news, the team then went to the location of the fallen women.

When the rescue team arrived, they found the women lying on the ground with dried blood all over her body. She fell down the building and ended up in a small alley between two buildings, this is why it took at least two hours before someone discovered her. A good civilian discovered the women lying still in an alley which seemed unusual, so the civilian ran to the security guard and informed him of the discovery. Upon seeing the women, the rescue team knew that she was badly hurt, she was then taken to the hospital right away.

The building was a hotel that the women was currently residing in. After interviewing the security guard of the hotel, he reported that when he was working, a good civilian came running to him and informed him that there was a woman lying on the ground in a small alleyway and that she was not able to move her body at all. The security guard then ran to the women and discovered that she was from Norway, where she had been lying still for hours before the good civilian discovered her.

The women is still badly hurt for us to know whether it was an accident or if someone had pushed her down from the building. There will be further investigation into the incident from the officials. If the case turns out to not be the result of an accident then serious measures will be taken to find out who tried to murder the women and for what reason.

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