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Nong Nat Performing Sexy Shows In Nightclubs For 35,000

Nong Nat Performing Sexy Shows In Nightclubs For 35,000

A Thai porn star who married an ageing millionaire converted to Buddhism then divorced him is hiring herself out for sleazy private parties- where she covers herself in baby oil in paddling pools.

Nongnat, 34 became an x-rated star after featuring in dozens od adults movies including Tokyo Hunter and Asian Heart in her native Bangkok, Thailand, in the 1990s.

But after being given a suspended sentence in 2003 for breaking pornography laws, she converted from Christianity to Buddhism and married wealthy architect Harold Nesland Jr in 2012 while he was in his 70s.

Despite devoting herself to the pensioner – going as far as putting on his socks for him – the couple separated in 2017 with Nong Nat claiming that they barely had sex because of Harold’s dodgy heart.

Nat has now returned to the adult entertainment industry performing steamy shows at nightclubs and private showings.

Her signature performance involves singing in a bikini for 20 minutes before returning to perform in a paddling pool with a bottle of baby oil for 20 minutes.

Nong Nat’s manager this week revealed that she charges 35,0000 Thai baht for the hour-long performance, which includes a 20-minute interval.

She also o ers ‘’private shows’’ for 45,000 Thai Baht. Buyers also have to cover her travelling costs and expenses.

In messages to the manager, while posing as an interested customer, the agent revealed that the former porn star also needs a dressing room to switch between outfits.

They said: ‘’Nat will wear a bikini and sing on stage for 20 minutes. Then you can choose the sexy show.

‘’It can be either a paddling pool and Nat will put baby oil on herself, or she can do a sexy car wash, with a motorcycle.”

The manager declined to say whether touching was allowed during the private shows. There was no suggestion that anything illegal was available in the private shows.

They added: ‘’The private shows are more expensive. It’s an extra 45,000 baht. One person or a small number of people is OK.’’

During her marriage to Harold, Nong Nat previously said she received a monthly ‘’salary’’ from him and he also picked up the bills for travel, hotels and restaurants.

It’s not known if she received a divorce payout, but she has said previously that after the split she now needed to ‘’support herself.

She said: “There are a lot of jealous people when someone has a rich husband. It has been hard to survive that.

”I’m having a breast operation, it will help me with work. I won’t do adult movies, they’re only what I was involved in when I was young. But I’m going back to do sexy films and photographs. There’s a magazine deal arranged and sexy shows. I have diamonds already and enough money. I don’t want to work but I have to, to support myself.’’

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