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Night Wish: The group that just keeps giving

Night Wish

It was another impressive display of social distancing, masks, sanitizer and grateful people as food is given away to help the less able. And this time it was the Night Wish Group at Nature Bar in soi 6.

It seems that the Night Wish Group are doing all they can to help the less able and needy these days and they did an amazing job on Thursday.

Since the 18th, they have given away food every day and though they started out just giving away 500 meals a day, they soon upped that to an impressive 1000 meals a day and even that may not be enough to feed everyone that patiently queues up every day.

This is not a bad thing, it is good that people are being fed and more and more people are only willing to get up early to cook and prepare things for when the food is given away.

I turned up around 12:30 pm just in time as the food started going out. It really is refreshing to see how well a very very long queue of people can be so well organised. And even though it seemed like the hottest day of the year, there were no complaints or grumbles as people waited for their turn to get some food.

As like so many helpers, they had been preparing and cooking the food since 5 am and were all still fully charged as the day went on.

The food disappeared quite quickly as the queue soon went down and at one point I didn’t think that there would be enough food to feed everyone.

Since this has been such a success, Bryan Flowers has decided to extend the food giveaway till at least the 3rd of May, so if you would like to help or donate, then you still have plenty of time. In my video, I have said till May the 1st as I finished the video before I found out about the extension.

All the link will be below so you can contact The Night Wish Group direct. And your help and donations are always welcome as there are more and more people to feed.

It still amazes me how so many people come together at a time of need to help others and are always willing to do more and more.

So again, if you would like to help or donate, Nature Bar will be giving food away every day at around 1 pm.

Bryan and his team would like to send out a special thanks to all that have donated so far including Tom Robson from Fabulous 103 FM who dropped off 420 kg of rice and supplied 1000 bottles of water. Also thanks to Andrea Sinyorini from Jomtien Sauna จอมเทียนชาวน่า who also donated.

Night Wish will continue giving away food as long as people continue to donate and anything is appreciated.

Please find links below and as always, stay safe out there and don’t forget your masks when out on the streets.

Night Wish can be found here


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