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Night Wish teams up with A7-DJ Bar for another massive food giveaway

A7-DJ Bar

Sunday saw the Night wish Group teaming up with nick from Assienda Bar to give more food away to the needy.

And don’t worry, social distancing, face masks, gloves and hand sanitizers were all being used to the full.

As usual, everyone turned up to Nature bar in soi 6 for their 1000 meal giveaway, then it was cleaning up and off to Soi 7 to A7-DJ Bar to carry on giving.

Promptly at 2:30 pm meals started going out at one point we didn’t actually think that there were enough meals to feed everyone.

Thankfully Vag A Night Wish manager had also brought with him any extra meals that Nature bar hadn’t given away, so all was saved.

A7-DJ Bar
NIght Wish manager Vag With Nick before the food went out

The last people that had been waiting managed to get their meals and it was just left with cleaning up and going home.

You will know Nick from Assienda Bar as he is our very own Vlogger from NDTVi Pattaya, and for me, it was quite cool as it was the first time in meeting Nick and talking about his channel. Check out Nicks channel here: NDTVi Pattaya and remember to like and subscribe.

So for anyone that can not make it to Soi 6 for the 1 pm giveaway, then everyone can go to A7-DJ Bar for 2:30 pm.

As everyone has heard in the news today, our lock-down will be continuing during next month also with a few exceptions, so food will still be in great demand.

If anyone wants to donate, food, dry food, money or just to lend a hand, they can do so at any of these bars as help and donations are greatly appreciated

As always guys, stay safe out there and remember your mask

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