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Nice try Granny – Failed Scam Attempt

A Thai granny tries to scam but fails miserably in North-East Thailand

A video has emerged on social media of an attempted scam by an elderly Thai granny in the North East region of Thailand. Unfortunately for the would be scammer, her acting skills were not up to scratch on this occasion.

The footage, which was posted onto facebook, is from a dash cam and shows the old lady appear from the side of the road, before dramatically throwing herself in front of the oncoming vehicle.

Luckily for the driver, she had seen the old lady coming, and had put on the breaks well before, and didn’t even come close to hitting anyone. Even so, the old lady carried on playing the victim, hoping to extort some money from the motorists.

Obviously no one in the area was remotely fooled by the attempts of the old lady, and motorists on both sides of the road simply drive past her.

Similar scams have been seen online from countires such as China and Taiwan lately, so I suppose it was only a matter of time before the scam made it’s way into Thailand.

The footage was on the Facebook page of Pattanakitr Punkot who said that it was recorded in the Seka district of Bung Karn province on Friday morning when his wife was driving.

The husband told reporters that he had already seen the similar footage of the scam happening in Taiwan, but never in a million years that he would ‘almost’ be involved in the same scam here in Thailand.

The video has obviously attracted much attention in the online social networks, and a barrage of criticism has been hurled towards the old Granny, both for the attempted scam, and her terrible acting skills.

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