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New Jaguar car explodes into flames on Bangkok expressway

Bangkok police are investigating why a black Jaguar car exploded into flames on the Charlerm Maha Nakhon Expressway last night.

The driver and passengers escaped and weren’t physically hurt, but they were traumatised.

The driver said they smelled diesel fumes, then saw smoke, and then the car lit on fire.

He said he didn’t leave the car in any suspicious places, and others hadn’t driven it.

The Expressway Authority of Thailand towed the little that remained of the burnt luxury car to an expressway police station.

The driver will meet with police today as they investigate the mysterious fire.

The Thai traffic and safety news radio station FM91 Trafficpro posted a video about the incident on their Youtube channel.

The video is about two minutes long, and shows firefighters hosing down the scorched remains.

The roof and sides of the car are completely gone, and only the back looks unscathed. The front is reduced to rubble with wheels.

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