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New dad dies in head-on crash on his way to pick up wife and baby

New dad dies in head-on crash on his way to pick up wife and baby

A new father had just been visiting his wife and their newborn daughter in hospital in the US when he was killed in a head-on collision with another vehicle that was allegedly fleeing police.

Kevin Quinn, who served two deployments in Afghanistan, was on his way home from Cape Cod Hospital in Massachusetts when another vehicle with two people inside crashed into his SUV.

The 32-year-old was rushed to a nearby hospital with severe injuries on Wednesday when the tragedy occurred, but later died.

A GoFundMe page has been set up. Photo / Supplied

The driver of the other car, Mickey A. Rivera died instantly, while his passenger 24-year-old Jocelyn Goyette was taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries.

“(Saturday) should have been, you know, a day filled with nothing but joy … it just turned into this senseless tragedy,” his friend Rob Dinan told WCVB News.

“(He was) a very outgoing guy, kind of a practical joker, always had a great smile.

“Very quick to help people out in a moment’s notice. He was right there for them all the time. Never asked for anything in return.”

A family friend has set up A GoFundMe page to support Quinn’s wife and their baby girl. It is already reached US$102,000 and has a US$200,000 target.

It described the heartache that the young family is now enduring.

“He was supposed to return to the hospital later Saturday morning to bring his wife Kara and their first child Logan home, the family friend posted on the page.

“Kevin was very much excited but nervous about being a father.

“We all told him that he was going to do just fine as a dad and that we felt really bad for any guy that wanted to date his daughter when she was old enough.

“We encourage all to please support the family of this fallen Marine, a man who sacrificed so much for this country and who spent many hours helping others who were less fortunate while never asking for anything in return. Please do what you can to help, Thank You.”

The crash remains under investigation.

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