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New age of internet “entertainment”

New age of internet “entertainment”

Today, in a corner of the internet that we rarely visit, a Laotian Facebook star with a large Thai following had us crying with laughter over his latest cooking video.

Apparently, this is how you get protein Lao-style. The internet personality known as “Bualai” shows off how he cooks ant eggs, which are a delicacy in Laos and northeastern Thailand.

First, he put dried shrimp, basil, toasted rice, seasoning, and of course, his homemade pla ra, strong-smelling fermented fish in a bowl. He mixed them together well and then simply grabbed ant eggs from a tree swarming with ants.

“Folks, this is so awesome! So many eggs! Wait, it burns!” he alternated speaking Thai and Lao, as he brushed ants off his arms.

At one point, Bualai took off his shirt, but then went right back to the tree. He was willing to do whatever it took to dine on those ant eggs.

“Zap e-lee!” he said at the end of video, which translates to “So delicious,” in Isaan dialect Thai.

This is not the first time Bualai has shown us how it’s done in Laos. He has also made videos of how he cooked somtam.

Bualai has over 300,000 followers. He’s famous for showcasing his rural lifestyle and favorite ethnic foods.

Source: Coocnuts

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