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Mystery as dogs turns BLUE in India

Dogs turning mysteriously blue in India

Bizarre footage shows how a stray dogs are mysteriously turning BLUE.

Residents were baffled when they began seeing the brightly-coloured mutts roaming the streets last month in Mumbai, India.

But the dogs are believed to have suffered a reaction to waste dumped into the Kasadi River in the Navi district of the city.

The strays often paddle through the river in search of food but the area has suffered heavy pollution.

Animals rights workers are now campaigning for the factory responsible to be punished amid fears hundreds of other creatures may have been affected.

Arati Chauhan from the Navi Mumbai Animal Protection Cell said it was ‘’a total shock and mystery ‘’ to see the dogs with their white fur turned bright blue.

Dogs turning mysteriously blue in India
A Dogs after mysteriously turning blue in India

He added: ”There have been about half a dozen of them. We’re asking the  local authority to look into it and take action against the polluters.”

The stretch of river runs next to an industrial estate with almost 1,000 factories.

A factory making detergents is believed to have released dye which caused the dogs to change colour.

Angry residents have now filed complaints with the local environmental authorities and are demanding action to reduce pollution.

Anil Mohekar from the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board said it was illegal to release dye into water and vowed to punish those responsible unless they stopped.

She said: ”Action will be taken strongly against anyone who destroys the environment. We will find the people responsible for this.’’

The river has been subject to numerous complaints in recent years and was found to have high chloride levels and low oxygen content.

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