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Mysterious legs under bridge frightened pedestrians

frightened pedestrians

FM91BKK a radio station for drivers in Bangkok were notified by citizens and netizens on the 22nd of this month (August 2019) about a mysterious pair of legs under the bridge that is above the Ladprao Intersection in Bangkok. The legs scared people using the bridge as they never moved for a long time.


The people who reported the legs were afraid that this might be a safety issue where someone was in danger. The station notified the Vibhavadi Traffic Police, orders were sent to inspect who or what it was under the bridge.

When the traffic police arrived at 10.42 am they discovered that it was a set up using two sticks of wood inserted into long black pants and white shoes hung under the bridge to make it look as if someone was standing there. The fake legs turned towards the road as if the person was standing and looking out at the pedestrians passing by, no wonder people felt scared as they walkthrough.

Right near the fake legs were personal items including clothes, a towel, and more. At the time of the inspection, no other person other than the officers were present under the bridge. No one showed up as an owner of the items as it is possible that the owner was the one who set up the fake legs. Although it seemed as if someone has been living there for quite a long time.

The police officers took down the fake legs so that pedestrians don’t have to be frightened every time they pass by anymore. It is estimated that the area under the bridge is used as a resting place for the homeless and that the fake legs are placed there on purpose as a sign that the spot is taken.



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