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MUSLIM Iraqi rapes 13-year-old Swedish girl and threatened to publish her naked images

Between October 1, 2015 to April 5, 2016, a Swedish girl was raped a total of six times in a sports hall in Borås by Iraqi, who claims to be 19 years old.

Through extortion and threats, the Arab man from Borås managed to force the Swedish girl into engaging in sexual intercourse on a number of occasions. He knew that the girl was under fifteen years during every occasion he committed the assault.
The district court released him from the charge of sexual exploitation of children, but the Swedish Court of Appeal rejected the verdict and instead convicted the man of rape against children. The sentence was eventually eight months of youth care and compensation.
After the Arab was released from the charge of sexual exploitation of children, he became convicted in the Supreme Court of child abuse.
During police interrogation, the girl reportedly told police that she and the Iraqi man were meeting in the beginning of 2015 in the school sports hall.
They quickly became a couple under his persuasion, but her parents were against the relationship due to the age difference between the two, which resulted in the relationship ending after a couple of weeks.
She told the Iraqi she was only 13 years old. After the summer holidays, he contacted the girl via social media. Soon he began demanding naked pictures of the underage girl and blackmailed her into sending the pictures, threatening that he would tell her parents that they had sex together. She felt compelled and eventually sent him the pictures.
In early October 2015, the Iraqi man called the girl and asked to meet her in the sports hall. When they met, he brought her into the dressing room for girls. Once they were alone, he repeatedly told her that he wanted sex and aggressively took her body and tried to kiss her, but she rejected him. He then undressed and said “If you do not have sex with me, I will show the nude pictures to your parents.”
SWEDEN turns To investigate the critical link between crime and MUSLIM immigration
After he blackmailed her, she eventually went on to engage in sex because he promised to remove the pictures afterwards from his phone. They performed vaginal intercourse, which was the first time for her.
In November 2015, the Iraqi man contacted the girl again. He wanted to have sex again, but she did not want to. Then the man threatened her to show the nude pictures to others if she did do as he instructed.
They met in the same place. According to the girl, the man abused her using both physical and “oral” persuasion.
After Christmas he contacted her again, and until April 2017 he threatened the girl in the same manner on a number of occasions so she would continue having sex with him.
According to the judgment, the Iraqi man knew that the girl was 13 and 14 years old at the time, because her date of birth was clear on her Facebook profile and she repeatedly mentioned her age to him.
He also knew which school year the girl was in and has also demanded her to lie about her age to his friends, writing the court of law.
After the events the girl was so traumatised that she had to see a psychologist for nearly two years. She has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and has to be medicated due to difficulties sleeping. Her life has suffered greatly and she has lost contact with her schoolmates.
City records show that the convicted rapist is a citizen of Iraq and Sweden. He arrived to Sweden in 2009 and quickly received citizenship in 2014 and therefore cannot be expelled under current legislation.
On 24 April 2018, the Hovrätten for Western Sweden announced the judgment. The 19-year-old is convicted of rape against children. The sentence eventually handed down was eight months of youth care. He will also pay a total of SEK 155,000 in damages to the girl.

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