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Music is the universal language of mankind

Whether you play guitar or any other instrument for that matter, you will notice there is an explosive trend happening online with many musicians using and playing along with backing tracks.

“What is a backing track” you might ask.

Well according to Wikipedia, “A backing track is an audio recording, CD or a digital recording medium or a MIDI recording of synthesized instruments, sometimes of purely rhythmic accompaniment, often of a rhythm section or other accompaniment parts that live musicians play along with or sing along to”. Musicians like to use them for the purpose of learning or practicing certain material in order to

1.improve their skills, 2. learn arrangements and or 3. just chill out and have some fun jamming along.

As we know the internet is like the wild west and there are many online options for browsing, listening and purchasing backing tracks and many vary in quality.

Wading through google sometimes can be time consuming to find out just what you are looking for. We recently came across an online backing company called “Bobbysbacking tracks”.

Boasting a catalog of over 700 tunes Bobbysbackingtracks ( we will call it BBT for now) has a very interesting core genre of selections.

Bobbys Backing Track/ Stevie Wonder, Tower Of Power, I Won’t Give Up/Jason

Not your typical pop karaoke menu of tracks, BBT leans towards jazz, smooth jazz, and old school R&B which in reality is a boutique demographic.

The whole BBT mission is all about quality.

There are some other sites that offer similar genres of music that BBT offers but after listening to many sound bytes at the BBT site, there really is no comparison to sonic quality and feel they offer.

What separates the men from the boys in terms of production you might ask? Well Bobby has a small core team of “A” level studio players that he works with to achieve the high level sound quality and precision and feel that makes his tracks stand out over all the other competition.

“When customers keep on returning, I guess I am doing something right” he chuckles.

Not only ordinary customers like you and me but Jennifer Batten ( Michael Jacksons/Jeff Beck guitarist) and Jon Herrington of Steely Dan and other VIP muses give Bobbys production etiquette 5 stars.

Have a look at Bobby site if you are musically blessed or a beginner and want some great sounding play backs to jam with your friends on.

He also has a fantastic You Tube Channel that has some very impressive performances of users that wanna show share the enjoyment of having a killer virtual backing band.

Lets jam!

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