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Multi Million Online Gambling Gang Arrested

Multi Million Online Gambling Gang Arrested

At around 2:00pm on May 18th, Thai police made the arrest of 13 Chinese nationals suspected of running an online gambling operation worth millions at two locations in Pattaya.

The suspected leader of the gang, Mr. Ming Chao Lee, 40 year old, had rented 2 separate properties in the Pattaya City area, where he set up his operation with the help of 12 other friends and associates, most of them aged in their twenties.

With the use of online services, the gang are thought to have been taken a large number of bets on Poker, lotteries, and popular sports from both Thai and foreign nationals.

After raiding both properties, police managed to find an enormous amount of evidence to back up their suspicions including 15 computers, 4 separate routers, 5 bank books, all in different names, 4 suspicious software programs related to gambling, and a bunch of user names and passwords for the online programs.

Other smaller bits of evidence was also found and confiscated by police whilst they put their case together.

The police became aware of the gang after receiving reports that they were purchasing lots of computer equipment over a short period of time and so, started to track their movements.

A few days passed and police believed that they were definitely onto some thing, so arranged for arrest warrants to been obtained.

Speaking to Mr. Ming Chao Lee, police believe that the operation has already been running for roughly 3 months, yet amazingly, has already been able to generate several millions of Baht, after looking through the bank books.

Mr. Lee also told police that he was not the big boss, but the leader of the group and was taking home 100,000 baht a month for his efforts. The other Chinese members were earning 25-35,000 baht a month to man the computers.

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