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Motorbike Hit & Run on 74 year old Granny

Motorbike Hit & Run

Motorbike Hit & Run on 74 year old Granny

This incident was shared online by Facebook user Nuynui Sirinthip who is the granddaughter of the grandma who was harmed. She captioned in the post “There is no human decency in you. Before my granny crossed the road she checked but the motorbike was driving so fast. Were you rushing to die? I don’t know if your right or wrong but you never stopped to see if my granny was ok. Are you still human?”.

The video showed the granny standing on one side of the road. Nuynui her granddaughter was driving a white car that was approaching her. Before the granny crossed the road to the white car she looked briefly to the right and crossed the road. Suddenly a motorbike hit her with full speed. The granny dropped down to the ground. Nuynui rushed out of her car to help and other citizens in the area came running in to help as well. The motorbike never slowed down even after he hit the granny.

After the post went viral, Nuynui updated on her Facebook account that her granny is 74 years old. On the date of the incident, both of them had just gone to a local clinic. After they were done Nuynui went to get the car as it was parked away from the clinic and she didn’t want her granny to walk so far. While she was approaching her granny who was waiting in front of the clinic the incident took place.

The granddaughter admits that she was extremely angry at the moment. Mainly because the motorbike driver didn’t even slow down to see if her granny was safe. He drove away with full speed as if nothing had happened. Nuynui wishes to leave a message to the motorbike driver if he sees her post to not worry about her granny as she is recovering just fine. She also wanted netizens to stop fighting in the comment section of the video.

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