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Mother of 3 horrified after maid sends her videos of her kids bathing


Mother of 3 horrified after maid sends her videos of her kids bathing

It happened once, then twice, then more times than this employer was willing to accept.

After receiving multiple photos and videos of her three young sons bathing from her domestic helper, in addition to a string of strange occurrences, the 37-year-old employer resorted to filing a police report for her family’s safety, Lianhe Wanbao reported. 

Speaking to the Chinese evening daily, the woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, explained that she had hired the helper in June last year to look after her three boys, aged four to eight.

According to the employer, the 29-year-old had gotten along well with the kids and quickly grew close to them. She also performed well at her job.

However, in February this year, she suddenly began sending photos and video clips of the three boys bathing to her employer.

“I got a shock the first time she sent me a photo of my youngest son while he was naked and showering. I asked her why she did that, and she said she found him cute, that’s why she took a picture,” the employer recounted. “I immediately warned her that she was not to do it again.”

But the helper did not heed her warnings, the employer continued.

From time to time, the employer received several more of such photos and videos from her.

“After multiple warnings, she stopped [taking such photos] but her heart was no longer in her work. She’d regularly make mistakes and even made noise, saying she wanted to go home.”

Despite the employer obliging the helper’s requests to go home, even calling her agency to help make the necessary arrangements, the latter suddenly ran to the agency two months ago begging for help.

The helper apparently accused her of threatening to get rid of her work permit, the employer recalled.

Prior to the strange photos and videos, the helper had also given out her address to a stranger she met on Facebook and asked for a $2,000 advance to pay the person, who appeared to be scammer, she said. 

Warning the helper not to fall for the scam, the employer proceeded to help her create a new Facebook account. 

But in the process of helping her helper upload photos to the new profile,  the employer discovered that the helper had plenty of suggestive lingerie photos stashed in her phone. The photos appeared to be taken in her home, the employer said. 

At the time she had chosen not to comment on it as it was “her private matters”, she added.

Investigations are currently underway, the police confirmed. 

Back in April 2018, a domestic helper in Hong Kong was arrested and jailed for three months after she did a live stream showing her employer’s three children showering, despite strict instructions not to take videos or photos of them without permission. 

A month after, another domestic helper, this time in Macau, was also arrested after she was discovered to have taken photos of her charge while he was bathing.

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