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Mother exposes school for bullying

Mother expose school bullying pattaya one Feb 23 2024

Three days ago, on February 20, the mother shared her son’s story on Facebook, disclosing that he attends a high school in the Sriracha district of Chon Buri province. The school, known for its reputation and trusted by many Thai parents, was her choice for her son’s education, despite the high tuition fees.

Initially, she believed that the expensive fees would ensure quality education and a conducive environment for her son. However, her perspective shifted when she discovered that the significant cost did not guarantee a positive experience for her child.

Her perception of her son being lazy and obstinate changed when he confided in her about the bullying he endured at school. The boy’s reluctance to attend classes due to persistent illness led to revealing the torment he had been facing for some time.

The distressing truth emerged as her son disclosed the bullying incidents at the hands of a group of schoolboys who not only subjected him to various forms of harassment but also coerced him into breaking school rules. She even shared a photo of one instance where a boy had his foot on her son’s head and a video showing her son lying on the ground under their orders on a scorching afternoon.

Tragically, her son felt powerless to resist the bullies’ commands as defiance would result in physical violence from the gang.

Upon reaching out to the school for clarification, Channel 3 contacted a teacher who acknowledged the situation. The school assured a thorough investigation into the matter, including detailed discussions with the victim. Both sets of parents would be informed, and the school committed to taking action against the group of students involved if found guilty.

The victim’s mother expressed her intention to await the school meeting and promised to update the public on any progress in the case through the media.


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