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Mobile Shop Owner Makes Merit with Elderly Care

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, November 2nd 2016, the media were informed of a young Thai lady attending to an elderly lady by the side of the road.

The elderly woman, 66 years old, was found to be homeless and has been living on the street for a long period of time. This was clear due to the nasty looking injuries, cuts and scabs that were found on the body of the woman.

The young lady, 36 years old, who would only give her nickname, Ple, short for Apple, is the owner of a mobile phone shop in the area and had been simply passing by when she noticed the older woman in a lot a pain and distress, so she stopped to help.

It was discovered later that Ple had been helping the elderly lady by cleaning her injuries for several days before managing to contact the local support groups to help.

The area itself is home to many elderly residents, but has been described as dirty and damp, especially after the recent downpours we have seen, and this has only made things worse for the homeless.

Relief workers are now seeking for relatives, family members, and friends to come forward and take care of the elderly woman so that she makes a full recovery, and does not end up back on the street.

translated by Danny Boy from Pattaya News Team

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