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Mini Van with Shocking Bald Tires – Just a Warning Given

A Mini Van has been stopped by police with tires so bald they could blow anytime, yet amazingly the driver was given just a warning and allowed to continue his journey.

In the aftermath of the tragic road accident involving a Mini Van recently, which claimed the lives of 25 people, police have now set up regular checkpoints in which they are inspecting the state and condition of the vehicles.

Police are also carrying out interviews at these checkpoints of some passengers, regarding the behavior of their particular driver.

Good news you would have thought. Well, hold that though, because you will be amazed to hear about 1 Mini Van in particular that was stopped on the Bang Na-Trat Motorway. After inspection, it was clear to see that the tires were completely bald, so bald in fact that they could have blown at any point.

This should have been enough to take the vehicle off the road until necessary repairs and improvements were made, yet unbelievably, the driver, who was not named, was given a warning by police and allowed to continue his journey to where ever he was heading. He told police that he would be changing the tires the following day, which was obviously enough to get him off the hook.

Police did advise him to drive slowly however, as there was an increased chance of an accident due to the current state of the tires.

Source: Daily News

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