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Mayor to tackle parking wars

Mayor to tackle parking wars

Pattaya Mayor Poramet Ngamphichet has taken the initiative to address the growing problems of traffic congestion and the shortage of conveniently located parking places.

He started a concerted effort on August 23 to improve parking control and traffic order along the busy South Pattaya Road.

An unique alternate parking plan based on odd and even numbered days, operative from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. every day, was proposed by Mayor Poramet.

This rule covers the key region of South Pattaya Road between the Sue-san (Telecommunications)-Third Road Intersection and the Wat Chaimongkol Temple Intersection, which is notorious for its ongoing traffic and parking problems.

The ultimate objective, according to Mayor Poramet, is to create a methodical traffic and parking management system.

“We anticipate fewer accidents, better traffic flow, and more convenience for both locals and visitors as a result of this updated parking schedule.”

The neighborhood’s responses have been mixed. Local resident Jarintorn emphasized the need to solve both parking problems and the constrained availability of public transit in tourist areas.

He underlined the significance of all-encompassing approaches that go beyond the implementation of rules.

Jarintorn observed that “simply enforcing rules without addressing the underlying causes won’t lead to sustainable results.

” “We should work to stop the government from taking advantage of public resentment. An all-encompassing strategy that includes improvements to parking and transportation is necessary.

Even while some of the tactics mentioned in this campaign may not be wholly original, some locals, like Thanyapat, have noticed a recent reduction in adherence to these laws.

Although these regulations have been in place for a while, she said, “consistent enforcement is paramount.” “It appears that the recent leniency has contributed to the current situation.”

Another homeowner, Orapan, expressed alarm about the second road’s traffic, saying, “Discipline needs to go beyond enforcement. It entails implementing behavioral adjustments in how people view parking and traffic.

Striking this equilibrium can be accomplished through a mix of strict law enforcement and continual awareness initiatives.

City officials and the police want to start aggressive campaigns for law enforcement and traffic enforcement on September 1.

As the city works to strike a balance between traffic orderliness and the convenience of both residents and visitors, the effectiveness of these initiatives is still up in the air.


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