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Mauled to death while trying to break up dog fight

A 60-year-old woman was killed after her roommate’s pit bulls mauled her as she was trying to break up a fight between them. Rhoda Wagner agreed to look after Carla Mae Snow’s three pit bulls on July 28.

However, things got chaotic when a fight between two of the dogs broke out. Wagner tried to break it up, but got chewed up instead, People reported.

When investigators arrived at the crime scene, they found Wagner’s lifeless body in the front yard with two pit bulls standing around her.

Snow authorized for the two dogs to be euthanized, despite her belief that her best friend Wagner – an animal lover who advocated for pit bulls – would be against the decision.

​​’I know if she would be alive today, we should not want to see pit bulls to be brought down any more than they already are’, Snow said. ‘She loves her dogs. She was always sending us pictures of her dogs, taking a nap with her or babying her when she’s sick’.

The third pit bull was not not euthanized because it was inside the house. It is being watched by Wagner’s son.

Snow had the dogs living at their place for more than a month.

Pitbulls are among a few banned dogs breeds in various US states, alongside the Rottweiler, wolf dog, presa canario, Doberman pinscher, chow chow, American bulldog, and German shepherd, according to Find My Answer.

However, pit bulls are the most targeted canines, banned in Oregon, Colorado, Maine, California, and specifically in Miami-Dade, Florida, because there have been incidents of vicious, often unprovoked attacks on humans.

A GoFundMe page for Wagner’s burial expenses states, ‘A really great person has passed away unexpectedly’.

‘She don’t have insurance,’ the page states. ‘Join us in seeing that she gets the proper services that she deserves.’


Rhoda Wagner was mauled to death after trying to stop her roommate’s pit bulls from fighting (Picture: Facebook)

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