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Foreigners’ wives victims of MASSIVE Thailand Ponzi Scheme

Manager reported that the Thai wives of foreigners living on Koh Samui were among 200 people who had lost 120 million baht in a Ponzi or pyramid share scheme.

“Praew” representing 20 people went to the Bo Phut police to register a complaint and ask for assistance with the station chief Pol Col Thongchana Hankittikanjana.

She said that the scheme started among friends and was initiated by a woman named only as “Bew” who ran a gift shop at a department store on the holiday island.

The scheme was called “Share Ban Bew Gift Shop”.

Hundreds contributed anywhere between 10,000 baht to 500,000 baht for lucrative returns.

Some got 30% on their money before “Bew” disappeared with the lot.

Among the victims are foreigners’ wives, state employees, hotel staff and department store staff, she said.

Some 20-30 people were expected to be interviewed by the Bo Phut police each day as investigations proceed after the initial complaint was made at the weekend.



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