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Man on tractor tries to rob Tesco store before making a getaway on the farm vehicle

An axe-wielding man on a tractor drove into a Tesco superstore and tried to rob a jewellery shop inside before escaping down the road and ramming the gate of the local police station.

The bizarre incident happened in the city of Stalowa Wola, in the south-eastern Polish region of Subcarpathian Voivodeship.

The unnamed man, wearing a white t-shirt and shorts, who according to local media is 24-years-old, can be seen backing out of the store on his red tractor.

He then changes gear and zooms off out of the car park, disproving the common belief that tractors move slowly.

Further footage shows the aftermath of his attempted robbery in the Tesco superstore, a glass door is seen off its hinges, along with lots of other debris on the floor.

The fortified window of the jewellery shop have circles of fractured glass where the man has hit it with his axe, obviously trying to get to the jewellery behind it.

He was detained shortly after he rammed the entry gate leading to the police station.

Police reported receiving an alert of the incident just before 10.00am on Friday of a young man driving an agricultural tractor into the supermarket, destroying the entrance door, damaging the ATM and smashing the window of the jewellery shop with an axe.

After he left the supermarket the man reportedly drove towards the police station and rammed into their entry gate.

Officers detained him outside the station. Police report that the man was sober at the time and nobody was hurt during the incident.

According to police, the man is a resident of a nearby village who is now receiving treatment in a psychiatric hospital.

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