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Man goes berserk after 5-day lockdown

Man goes berserk

Man goes berserk after 5-day lockdown

A Surat Thani man quarantined for five days on the order of his village headman went berserk yesterday and had to be detained by police.

Wiang Sa Police Station was notified that a 32-year-old was unable to control himself and was screaming continuously inside his house.

Police told his mother to distract her son by talking to him while they snuck into the house via the backdoor. Once inside, they apprehended the man and took him to the police station. It took about an hour before he could calm himself.

The man’s mother said he had just arrived back from Bangkok and she had locked him inside the house following the quarantine order. After the fifth day of confinement, he started to show signs of stress and loss of control.

She explained that her son had mental issues and might not have been taking his medication while living in Bangkok. He was later sent to a hospital to be checked by medical experts.

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