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Man gets traffic ticket for “dirty license plate”

Man gets traffic ticket for “dirty license plate”

 User posted his experience in a Facebook Public group aimed for motorbike driver’s rights on the 21st of this month (August 2019) telling his experience of getting a very strange traffic ticket from a police officer.

He attached a picture of his motorbike’s license plate along with the caption “I use my car for work every day through rain and mud, today I received a ticket because my license plate was dirty (faded license plate)”. The user also attached a picture of the ticket in the incident. The ticket was issued by a police officer from Khan Na Yao Police Station in Bangkok.

The officer stated on the ticket that the driver is fined with having an unclear license plate, but the officer had no issue writing down the exact details of the license plate on the ticket. The user wants to ask other motorbike drivers whether such a violation actually exists.

The user admits that his license was dirty and covered in some mud, but the numbers on the license plate were still purely visible and were not intentionally hidden in any way. One of the members in the group recommended the user to not give in to the fine, the license plate was dirty, the officer could have given a simple warning as anyone that sees the license plate can still tell exactly what the Thai alphabet and numbers were.

Members in the group insist that such a violation does not exist in the law. None of the details on the license plate has faded like the officer stated in the ticket, it was simply covered in dirt and mud. There is a clear difference between a dirty license plate and a faded license plate. Most users recommend the motorbike driver in this story to fight the case in court for his own rights.

Hopefully, the motorbike driver in this incident carries out the issue with the police station officers so that he can receive clear reasoning to the ticket issued in his name.



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