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Man found dead in Sattahip apartment with faithful dog guarding his body


A 48 year old man was found deceased in a small room in Sattahip tonight, guarded by his faithful pet dog who would not let any rescue staff approach.

Sattahip police were called by a neighbor who came to check on the tenant who had not been seen since August 29. Neighbors attempted to access the room but the five year old pet dog of the owner was furiously guarding the room.

The dog, whose name is Ta Bark according to neighbors, would not leave the side of the deceased, Mr. Narong Nam Vo, 48. It took rescue workers a significant period of time to safely bring the dog away from his owner. The dog attempted several times to attack rescue workers, reportedly confused about the situation.

Mr. Narong had been deceased for about three days according to Sattahip police. According to neighbors he had a heavy alcohol problem and several health issues. He was unemployed and primarily collected garbage and cans for money in Sattahip. The man was almost never seen without his dog.

The dog will be safely taken care of and brought to a local animal shelter according to Sattahip officials. The man’s body was taken to a hospital for an autopsy. Police believe alcohol contributed to his death at this point as he was surrounded by many bottles.

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