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Man finds worms in his fried chicken

Man finds worms in his fried chicken

A man found live worms in his fresh chicken that he had just purchased from the food vendor. The fried chicken stall was located in front of the Nakornping Hospital in Chiang Mai Province. After the man confronted the seller he was denied with no responsibility.

There were many witnesses to the incident. The man states that he forgives the uncle who sold him the fried chicken, but he hopes that the uncle will improve the cleanliness of his food and that such an incident will not happen again. The story was shared by Theerawat Chompoowong on Facebook.

In the post, Theerawat attached a picture of the fried chicken, inside filled with tiny white worms. He purchased the chicken on the 20th of this month (June 2019). He decided to go tell the seller about what was inside the chicken, instead, he was ignored and no responsibility came out from the interaction.


The seller who was an uncle later came out and stated that the fried chicken was not from his shop and that this must be a plan to destroy him. Theerawat came out and stated on the 21st of this month that the uncle doesn’t admit that the chicken came from his shop, but there are witnesses that saw what happened.


Theerawat doesn’t want to take the issue any further and forgives the uncle. He hopes that the uncle will take this as a lesson and to improve the cleanliness of his fried chicken to protect any cases like this from happening in the future. Theerawat states that the uncle knows what the truth is and whether he will improve or not is up to him.

The uncle states that if this was true, Theerawat should have taken a picture of the chicken with the shop and the seller. Theerawat responded by stating that there is no reason why he would want to harm the uncle’s business as they personally don’t know each other and that was the first time he has ever purchased food from the area where the incident took place.


He decided to post on Facebook as a warning for consumers to watch what you are eating. He did not want this to bring any trouble to the uncle or else he would have taken a picture of the shop and the uncle.






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