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Man cutting steak as knife flies into friend’s elbow

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A man was cutting steak when the knife flew out of his hand into a friend’s elbow who was working in the kitchen. The incident took place in Ban Sarape District, Chiang Mai Province on 28 May 2020.

A man was working in the kitchen preparing steak when the 12-inch knife broke and separated from the handle.

The knife flew straight into another co-worker and ended up in the elbow. The victim of the accident screamed out of shock and pain. The local rescue team was notified and went to the restaurant.

The local Nong Pueng Rescue Team received notification of an injured man inside a restaurant.

They arrived in the kitchen and found Sar 31 years old from the Shan ethnic group in Myanmar wearing short pants and no shirt. Sar had a 12-inch knife stuck in his left elbow.

The rescue team helped clean the wound before delivering Sar to the Chiang Mai Hospital.

Sar stated that he was working as usual in the Kitchen beside his friend. The co-worker was cutting and preparing steak for the restaurant while Sar was preparing some plates.

While the friend was working with the knife, the handle split and broke. The knife flew out of the handle and went into Sar’s elbow. Sar screamed in shock and then the pain followed. The restaurant contacted the rescue team and Sar is now safe at the hospital.

Although an unexpected accident, Sar is on his way to recovery and will return to work at the restaurant when he is ready. This is an important lesson for the restaurant to properly replace knives that are worn down. Things could’ve been much worse if the knife ended up somewhere else above the elbow.

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