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Man Captured by locals suspected of Raping 70 year old Thai Lady

Man Captured by locals suspected of Raping 70 year old Thai Lady

At around 2:00am of June 5th, Pattaya police were called to the scene where locals had captured a man suspected of raping a 70 year old Thai Lady.

Arriving at the scene, police found a group of locals waiting patiently with the suspect, said to be 30 year old, known as Samai Chaisit.

The incident took place on Soi Kropai road, South Pattaya. The suspect told police that he works as a security guard at a local shopping centre, and had just returned from work.

Local residents became aware of the incident after seeing the elderly victim stagger out of a small wooden house. She seemed to be in a lot of pain and residents realised that she had suffered a stab wound to her chest.

The victim told the worried locals that she had been raped.

Thanasak Khonchom, 34, a neighbour, said he spotted the woman so he alerted other neighbours.

The suspect was then spotted walking along the Soi as if nothing had happened, so locals took their chances and managed to apprehend the man, whilst police were called.

The victim told police that she had been sleeping alone when the suspect broke in with a knife and attempted to rape her whilst threatening her with the knife.

When she resisted his advances, she felt a sharp pain in the chest area and realised she had been stabbed.

The suspect denied all accusations, saying that it may have been his friend, who supposedly looks similar to him and works at the same shopping centre.

Police did not believe the man and he was taken away for forensics checks. Police are now waiting on the results before carrying the investigation forward.

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