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Man badly hurt in landmine explosion on border

A villager was seriously wounded in the left foot in a land mine explosion on the border with Myanmar in Muang district of this western province early on Sunday.

Somkiat Saenkhan, 32, of Moo 2 village in tambon Muang Kao of Muang district, told security officials that the blast occurred at about 1am at a natural border crossing near Moo 2 village while he was out hunting wild chickens.

He was taken by villagers to Dan Makham Tia Hospital in Dan Makham Tia district before being transferred to Paholpolpayuhasena Hospital in Muang district.

The Lat Ya Task Force, which is responsible for patrolling the border with Myanmar, was conducting an urgent investigation since it was the first such incident in that area.

An investigation was underway into Mr Somkiat’s background to see if he had been involved in any illegal activities.


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