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Man assaults’ thai women gets off light

A popular Facebook page in Ubon Ratchathani shared a post of a young woman who was injured by a foreign man who kicked her thighs. The incident happened on December 26th, 2020, in the Warin Chamrap district of Ubon Ratchathani.

The report says that the attacker left the scene and acted like nothign happened. A reporter contacted Ms. Om Chan to clarify the events. She said that her family went shopping at the department store. After shopping, she was pushing a cart by a fried chicken vendor. While looking at the menu, the victim’s mother asked Ms. Om Chan to return to the car.

Ms. Om Chan then pushed a shopping cart, but didn’t know that it belonged to the foreigner. The foreigner walked back and kicked the victim in the left thigh once. Then kicked her a second time. The foreigner paid their bill and left in a Vigo truck.

The report states that they followed up with tourist police and brought Mr. Tholl, 54, a Dutch (or Norwegian, depending on the report) national into custody for the assault against Ms. Om Chan.

Ms. Om Chan explained she had no motive or intent to steal Mr. Tholl’s property. It was a misunderstanding. Mr. Tholl was charged with injury to the body and mind and asked to compensate Ms. Om Chan with 500 baht. The two shook hands and the matter was resolved.

500 baht for a public assault that left welts on a young woman’s legs? If that’s what the two parties agreed to at the mediation with the Ubon police, then I guess that’s justice.

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