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Man arrested after robbing several girls in their home

A man was arrested after he met up with girls for a fun night but instead, he robbed them in their own home. The Crime Suppression Division (CSD) Police arrested Suchin 28 years old with an arrest warrant issued by the Uthai Thani Provincial Court.

He was arrested in Panas Nikom District, Chonburi Province on 23 January 2020. This case is a good reminder as to why meeting a stranger that you met online or on a dating app is not the best idea, even if it seems like both of your intentions collide.

One of his victims stated that in August 2019 she found Suchin on a dating application. They talked for a while and had agreed to meet up at the girl’s house for a fun night together.

When they met, instead of hanging out Suchin drugged the girl by secretly giving her sleeping pills in her drink. When she woke up, Suchin was gone and so was all her valuable belongings. At least 100K THB worth of goods went missing from her room after Suchin gave her a visit.

This case took place on the 1st of August 2019 in Uthai Thani Province.

Officials discovered that Suchin has done this multiple times in different provinces.

There are 4 arrest warrants issued out in his name from 4 different courts. 1. Arrest Warrant issued by the Kanchanaburi Provincial Court on 6 March 2019, 2. Arrest Warrant issued by the Southern Bangkok Criminal Court on 13 May 2019, 3.

Arrest Warrant issued by the Uthai Thani Court on 13 August 2019, and 4. Arrest Warrant issued by the Kalasin Provincial Court on 18 September 2019. All cases had the same charges of burglary during nighttime. Suchin admitted to all his crimes after he was arrested and will be prosecuted according to law.

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