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Malaysian judges, judicial officers clean court toilets after janitors go on strike

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KUALA LUMPUR – Malaysian Judges have been cleaning their own toilets for several weeks now, as janitors have gone on strike after not being paid by the contractor.


Chief Justice Richard Malanjum, who inherited this problem, organised a mass volunteering session yesterday.

Apparently the cleaners have been on strike since last month as they have not been paid. It has been learnt that the government had paid the contractor, and the cleaning service was supposed to run until the end of this year.

Some 200 magistrate and sessions court staff and officers, judges and a lawyer were divided into 14 sections for the cleanup that started at 10am yesterday.

In the cleanup, corridor floors were mopped and swept and all toilets were cleaned on all eight floors of the court complex.

The cleanup was led by Chief Justice Richard Malanjum and Chief Judge of Malaya Zaharah Ibrahim was also present.

A High Court judge said she received the memo for the cleaningup session late on Friday evening.

“I have been washing my [own] washroom. Imagine me cleaning my toilet here when I haven’t had to do it since years ago at home.

“I am planning to take my maid to court to clean my chambers, my court and washroom. I will need to pay my maid extra for this,’’ said the judge with a huff.

She said the current situation was entirely undesirable.

“We have tonnes of documents, papers to go through. A dirty court to clean. Am feeling like I am in a chicken coop,” she added.

A senior lawyer said the state of cleanliness at all levels of the court complex is deplorable.

To make matters worse, the male toilets are not working.

“Several of these toilets have no lighting at all, leaving users in complete darkness.

“This, coupled with burst urinal pipes and wet unkempt floors, are accidents waiting to happen to unwary users.

“The stench … well, it attacks the senses way before the sight of it does,” added the lawyer who had to be in the court on most days of the week.

“If left unkempt, I dread to think what negative impression it would give to visitors both foreign and local of the administration of justice,” he added.

Some court staff had also posted on Facebook that they are doing “cleaners’ job” now.

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