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Malaysia begins lockdown borders tightened

Military officers in the deep South Narathiwat province are patrolling natural borders to ensure that people from Malaysia cannot sneak into the country illegally, as well as to contain the spread of Covid-19

The move comes as Malaysia has announced a lockdown of the country from June 1, causing Malaysian military officers to pay attention to people entering or leaving the country.

The 5th Infantry Division commander, Maj-General Santi Sakuntanak, said soldiers, rangers and border patrol police are conducting proactive patrol to ensure that no one can sneak into the country.

He added that military officers would focus on patrolling Waeng, Su-ngai Kolok and Tak Bai districts which have many natural borders.

“Since the Covid-19 outbreak, the 4th Army Area commander had instructed officers to ask villagers living near the river to take their boats to the shore and detach the engine to prevent the transport of people from Malaysia to Thailand,” he said.

He added that people usually sneaked into the country via the Ban Nam Tok border and Su-ngai Kolok Customs House by boat.


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