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Lufthansa flight from Munich to Bangkok diverts due to couple having a fight

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A Lufthansa flight heading to Bangkok had to be diverted to Delhi due to a couple having a fight onboard. The couple was taken off the plane in Delhi, while the flight continued to Thailand without them.

Passengers on the flight, which was operated by Lufthansa, were disappointed as their trip to Thailand got off to a bad start. The argument between the couple became so intense that the pilots decided it was best to divert the plane to Delhi and let authorities on the ground handle the situation.

The incident occurred on November 28, when the Airbus A380 aircraft flying from Munich to Bangkok had to make an unplanned stop in Delhi. According to reports, a 53-year-old man was heard shouting at his wife and attempted to burn her blanket with a lighter during the argument.

The woman sought help from the cabin crew, claiming that her husband was threatening her. The situation escalated to the point where the pilots sought permission to land the plane in Delhi. The couple was taken off the plane and handed over to immigration officials and security officers in Delhi.

While the wife requested to continue her journey to Bangkok, she was denied. There are conflicting reports on the fate of the husband, with some suggesting that a decision is pending on whether to hand him over to the Delhi police or send him back to Germany.

It has been reported that both of them have been sent back to Munich. The flight, which is a daily non-stop service between Munich and Bangkok, is operated by an Airbus A380 which is 10 hours. On Tuesday, the diverted flight departed from Delhi and arrived in Bangkok four hours and 45 minutes later.


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