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Lotto Winner Jane Parks Jokes That She’s ‘So Bored’ She’s Considering Getting A Job

Lotto Winner Jane Parks Jokes That She's 'So Bored' She's Considering Getting A Job

The UK’s youngest EuroMillion’s millionaire Jane Park has said she’s so bored of doing ‘nothing all day’ she’s considering getting a job, while joking that she could turn her hand to bar work.

Millionaire Jane took to Twitter to post: “Me n Chloe r that bored with our life’s n doing nothing all day were considering getting jobs howling man imagine us two behind a bar [sic].”

Her pal Chloe Horton responded: “We would attract the old men fo sure [sic].”

Twenty-three-year-old Jane Park was just 17 when she won a cool million on the EuroMillions – but it hasn’t all been fun and games for Jane. She’s previously spoken out to say that winning the lottery at such a young age was tough.

Speaking to Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford on This Morning, Jane said: “I suppose now that I’m a bit older, it’s a bit better. But it’s been a twisted fairy-tale.

“I was overly excited, I thought I was rich and famous. You have got to invest it; you have got to be wise. But at 17, that was a lot to think about.”

She also went on to urge other lottery winners to think twice before going public.

But Eamonn didn’t seem very impressed with her, saying: “Are you just a bit hard to please? No matter what it is. You got one million pounds for nothing, you got a bum lift for nothing, you got all these cars, but four years on why is life so rubbish?

“Why can’t you just say this has been an amazing roller-coaster ride?”

She hit headlines again last year when it was revealed that she was willing to offer £60,000 per year to a man who was happy to date her.

A website was set up where men could ‘apply’ to be a part of Jane’s life and the £60,000 was offered as an ‘allowance’ to spend on taking her on dates.

A source told the Mirror: “Jane is amazing and has so much to give but she has found herself alone again as since she won, she’s had terrible luck.

“She’s never sure whether she is being loved for herself or for her bank balance. So, she would rather have the arrangement out in the open.

“Jane has a tendency to be insecure sometimes and worries about people’s motives. She is willing to pay the right price for someone loyal.”

I’m not going to lie, Jane, I can think of better things to spend £60K on…

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