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Lonely Pattaya Beach harkens to a public that can’t go

Pattaya Beach

Temptation calls to a beach that no one can go on too

With no sign of umbrellas and beach chairs, all the trash cleaned up, Pattaya beach actually looks quite appealing, even for me,  and I have never been a fan of Pattaya beach.

But bad news, for those that want to sit or lay in the sun, Beach is closed

An order by the Chonburi Province last week had closed the beaches after Thais and non-Thais had ignored the pleas by authorities to stay off the beaches and stay at home. And even now, people are still ignoring these rules and are going to the beaches and being arrested

In the run up to the closure of the beaches came into place, there were still only a handful of people sunbathing and enjoying the sun. Along the 3.5 km shoreline, only about 50 people could be counted

Yet even in the days before the closure order came down, there were only a handful of tourists sunbathing or swimming, many of them stranded refugees unable to get home after flights were cancelled and Thailand’s borders closed in the battle against the coronavirus pandemic.

This lockdown will not last forever, so let us home that life come back to normal soon and our beaches become full again

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