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loan shark threatens to cut off debtor’s fingers

Angsumali shows the reporter of one local newspaper a copy of her police report stating that the loan shark threatened to cut off her fingers for 10,000 baht each to repay her loan.

The 35-year-old woman, identified only as Angsumali, filed a complaint with the Pattaya Police Department regarding the threats made by the loan shark against her.

She had recorded the entire threat on her telephone on August 5 and played it back to the reporter.

Angsumali said she borrowed 14,000 baht from the loan shark in October 2021 at 15% monthly interest. She turned out to be able to pay up to five months ago, after that she couldn’t anymore and the threats started.

On July 28, Angsumali said the usurer came to her workplace in a department store and forced her to talk in his car.

She secretly recorded the conversation. He told her in the car that her “debit balance” had risen to more than 100,000 baht.

He threatened to cut off her fingers as “make-up” but said that if he did, he would reduce the debt by 10,000 baht for each finger.

Police urged Angsumali to call them immediately if this money shark resurfaces.

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