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Live boxing on road between taxi and motorbike driver

Live boxing on road between taxi and motorbike driver

Live boxing on road between taxi and motorbike driver

A Facebook user “Vin Diesel’s” posted a clip of a taxi driver and a motorbike driver fighting in the middle of the Rang Nam road in Ratchathewi, Bangkok City.

The user captioned the post “A mad taxi throwing a boxing match on the road, I feel sorry for the child nearby and the person in the white shirt who accidentally got hit in the face by a helmet #sorry I couldn’t help more, but I hope the motorbike driver is safe. #I don’t know who is right or wrong but the taxi driver shouldn’t have dealt with the issue in this manner.”.

The video started with the two men fighting on the road with good civilians trying to break the fight. The motorbike driver then threw his helmet at the taxi driver, but instead, the helmet hit the face of a man in the white shirt who was trying to break the fight.

Nearby was a little girl crying who might’ve been the motorbike driver’s daughter. Rumors have it that the motorbike driver hit the taxi driver’s car first, but there has been no confirmation on the cause of the fight.

As seen in the video, when the fight started, the motorbike driver in another white shirt parked his bike and rushed in to stop the fight along with other men running in from other distances with hopes that things don’t get worse.

The young girl in the blue school dress is walking around and didn’t know what to do when the 2 men were fighting, making her extremely nervous.

Netizens have commented that the taxi driver might also be a boxer judging from the built of his body and the way he lifted the motorbike driver up in the air.

The shorter man holding a helmet was the motorbike driver who tried to use his helmet to hit the taxi driver’s head. The taxi driver then lifted the other man up into the air, where he struggled and tried to come down.


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