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Latest UK Foreign Office travel warning for Thailand

Latest UK Foreign Office travel warning for Thailand

The UK Foreign Office has released it’s latest travel warnings for citizens intending to travel to Thailand


The political situation in Thailand is unpredictable and sometimes volatile.

Over recent years there have been instances of civil and political unrest resulting in large demonstrations and in some cases violence.

You should avoid any protests, political gatherings, demonstrations or marches, as people have faced criminal charges for participating in these activities.


Terrorists are very likely to try to carry out attacks in Thailand.


High levels of air pollution can occur in major urban areas, including in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, which is also affected by the regional smoke haze.

The high pollution and PM 2.5 counts, occasionally enter the unhealthy and hazardous levels.

This may aggravate bronchial, sinus or asthma conditions.

Rainy season

The rainy season in much of Thailand is from May to October. In Koh Samui and the southeast of Thailand it is from November to March.

However, the rainy seasons have been unpredictable in recent years.

Heavy storms can cause disruption including from flooding and landslides.

Lakes, caves and waterfalls are particularly prone to dangerous flash flooding during the rainy season.

For more information on UK Foreign Office travel warnings, you can click here.





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