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 Lao sex workers arrested at Chon Buri resort

Lao sex workers arrested at Chon Buri resort

A Cambodian woman has been arrested for allegedly procuring four Lao women into the sex trade in Ban Bung district of Chon Buri. The four women were also detained.

Officers from the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Division (ATPD) apprehended Sofia, a 36-year-old Cambodian national, at a resort in Ban Bung on Friday. She was charged with procuring or persuading women into the flesh trade and related offences, said ATPD police. Her surname was not given.

Four Lao women, aged 21, 24, 28 and 38, were arrested for alleged prostitution. Seized from them were a mobile phone, two bottles of lubricant gel, 10 condoms and one used condom.

The arrests came after ATPD police received information that some Lao women had allegedly provided sex services at the resort, with someone working inside acting as a procurer.  

A police officer, posing as a customer, expressed interest to use the service. Ms Sofia, who worked as a housekeeper, then presented photos of two Lao women for him to choose from, offering sex service fees of 1,300 baht each. She later led the potential buyer to wait in front of a resort house. At that moment, a team of officers showed up to conduct a search of the premises. Upon entering, the officers found one woman prepared to provide sex services. The woman immediately covered herself with towels. She was a Lao national.

The arresting team inspected other resort houses and managed to arrest three more Lao women working as sex workers.

During questioning, Ms Sofia confessed to working as a housekeeper at the resort and was aware that the four women were using the place to offer sex services. She admitted to facilitating their transactions in exchange for fees of 200 baht each time.

All four Lao women confessed to renting the rooms to offer sex services to customers, and they had engaged in this activity for over a month.

They were handed over to officers at Ban Bung police station

front page During a police raid at a resort in Chon Buri on Friday, two Lao women point at items used for providing sex services. (Photo: Central Investigation Bureau)

credit Bangkok Post

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